Let Sara Lee® Premium Meats make the big game with these entertaining football facts

January, 2019
1. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Big Game championships with six.
2. The Buffalo Bills is the only team to play in the Big Game four times in a row.
3. The most expensive Big Game ring cost $36,500 each and is worn by the 2015 New England Patriots.
4. Quarterback Joe Montana has won the most Big Game MVP awards with three.
5. The first Big Game was held in Chicago, Illinois at Wrigley Field, a baseball stadium.
6. The first football game was played in 1869.
7. Each outdoor professional football game is required to have 36 regulation footballs available to use.
8. Walter Payton and David Patten are the only two players in history to have rushed, caught, and thrown for touchdowns in the same game.
9. The original football was not supposed to be an oval, rather it was supposed to be round. However, the round balls wouldn’t inflate properly and thus the modern day football shape was adopted.
10. Contrary to popular belief, American footballs are not made out of “pigskins” but rather rubber.
11. The Big Game trophy costs $25,000 to produce annually.
12. The first professional football game on television was in 1939 and was broadcast to an audience of 500 people.